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September 16, 2009

GraphicsGraphics Web Design's MySpace Blog
September 16, 2009 - Wednesday

Is Your Website Up To Date?
Category: Web, HTML, Tech

In today's business world your website is your image. Having a website that has up to date graphics and technology is more important than you think.

The business owner is much more internet savvy than in past years as the internet has become a intricate part of today's business world.

With the business becoming more and more competitive, having a professionally created website that accurately reflects the image of your company is critical. Not to mention the importance of search engine optimization.

The consumer is now searching the internet to find what they need instead of the phone book and not only are they using the internet but they are researching you and your competitors to find the best company.

  1. First off the consumer needs to find you. Having a professional website built that has been optimized according to industry standards for the search engines is critical.
  2. The consumer is going to go to each site they find and make the following assessments:
    1. What image does the company portray? professional? well put together? knowledgeable? or do they see - an out dated, amateur feel that gives them the impression that their image is not that important ... they just want to do things as cheaply as possible?
    2. How does the website/company compare to the competitors they are shopping you against?
  3. Your website MUST be easy to navigate, the content formatted to facilitate easy reading and ask your potential clients to act on the goals of the site - buy, call etc.

You could be a much better company than your competitor with better service and prices but if your competitor looks more professional than you. appears more polished and knowledgeable than you .... who do you think they will be more likely to choose?

Investing in a professionally designed and marketed website is WELL worth the money and if done by the right company will reap a high return on your investment.

September 16, 2009

GraphicsGraphics Launches myspace Page

You can't preach how social networking is beneficial for business if you don't follow what you preach. GraphicsGraphics launched a myspace page and we encourage our clients and potential clients to visit us and leave comments but most importantly read our blog!

To learn more about how we can work together to build a strong presence for your business, please contact us

October 7, 2008

GraphicsGraphics Launches New Site That Gives Businesses The Competitive Edge

Company growth and ever changing technology was the motivating force behind GraphicsGraphics new look and restructure of their site. The Tempe based, award winning company is also celebrating their success across 14 different industries that cross 7 continents.

"Since we have expanded our industry reach, client awards and extensive technology base we felt it was important to reflect that on our new website," states Julie Still, owner of GraphicsGraphics. "With all of our exciting accomplishments we also knew that the timing was right and it would be the perfect platform to share best practices with our clients. So they will have the competitive edge that they need in todays business environment."

To learn more about how we can work together to build a strong presence for your business, please contact us

May 12, 2006

GraphicsGraphics Website Design & Development in Phoenix Business JournalGraphicsGraphics Featured in the Phoenix Business Journal

Web sites can be window to how a company does business

Whether e-commerce, brochureware, or a full-blown database driven membership management site, most companies have some type of web site promoting their business.

Yet often these web sites are neglected and outdated, lack of clearly defined goal or have an unprofessional appearance.... See Full Article >

October, 2006

GraphicsGraphics in Arizona Republic and San Tan MonthlyGraphicsGraphics Featured in the Arizona Republic Tempe & San Tan Monthly

It's tough to do business without a web site

Julie Still, owner of GraphicsGraphics Website Design & Development in Tempe, said a web site give businesses a way to reach a market they wouldn't have if they used only print advertising. GraphicsGraphics helps businesses define a web site business strategy. They consult with their clients to determine the goals for the site and develop a plan to reach those goals... See Full Article >


June, 2004

GraphicsGraphics Featured in the Arizona Woman Magazine

GraphicsGraphics featured in Arizona Woman Magazine and participates in Arizona Woman event.








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